Only on Tuesday March 15


Shades of Spring

Aaaah, at last. Here in the Northeast we are seeing the first signs of the seasonal change, as the drab, brown landscape starts to shift into those welcoming greens we have gone so long without.

This tray of my signature Flyers captures that gorgeous, earthy palette. And these beauties will all be shipped to TWIST stores in Seattle and Portland—and never fear, you can also find them online at

So perhaps now in the early push of spring it is time to add a beautiful soft-colored flyer to aid your own emergence as well! What color do you lack? Or consider a new shape, like the squatty faceted bi-colored Blue Chalcedony (bottom left), or the flat bottom faceted Rose Quartz (top middle).

But you know me. I’ll always love the classics, too.

You can’t go wrong with Flyers. And spring can’t go wrong, either.


To beauty ... every day