Only on Tuesday August 5th, 2014

"Today we are celebrating my daughter's birthday and enjoying summer together as a family, on the beach in Rhode Island, sand between our toes, wind in our hair, the ocean unfurling in front of us in all its turquoise mystery. So no sale from the bench today -- just an inspiration from the beach, of some truly stunning gems that capture that breathless expansion we feel when we see an ocean stretching miles and miles ahead of us: the rarest and most special of turquoise, the Persian.

I bought these from a man in his mid-seventies at a gem show in Tuscon more than a decade ago; he had carried these incredible specimens back from Persia himself, from the most treasured mines in the world for this glorious stone, called "Peerozeh" in Persian, which means victory."

So today, to the many glorious victories of nature: pearls, turquoise and all manner of gemstones cleaved in the earth's bosom. Enjoy this lovely summer day, and be sure to pause to take in the beauty all around you!

--To beauty, every day ...