Only on Tuesday January 6, 2015


New Year, New Moon(stone)

Welcome to 2015!  And best wishes to you and yours.

For our first 2015 Tuesday Off the Bench sale, I reached immediately for moonstones, as it seems a befitting way to start the new year. The stone's beguiling luster and sparkle, which the Romans believed was "solidified rays of the Moon", calling to me, just as we are all taking a moment to gaze ahead into our own futures. That, and we just had our first full moon of 2015, so the decision was made!

Here, three ways moonstone shines so bright:

Smooth orbs, reminiscent of the fortune teller's globe hang from the signature, more-casual 18-karat flyer ear wire. Gaze within and know that at the very least you will be well-decorated for 2015!

Or, if your year last year was just perfect in every way (kudos to you if that was the case!), then stick with the tried-and-true, and cast your dreams on the classic Gabrielle Sanchez faceted flyer.

And last, but surely not least, dream big and bold, and imagine yourself in a luxurious future where this multi-shaped, multi-dangle faceted moonstone long drops nearly brush your shoulders as you charm all your wishes into being.

Whatever the magic you choose to adorn yourself with—whether internal, or the lovely reliable sparkle of jewelry—may all your dreams come true in 2015.

With love, and to beauty, every day,
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