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Blog from the bench
  • Only on Tuesday ... August 19, 2014


      Faceted oval rutilated Quartz ... see more


      Smooth oval Oro Verdi Quartz ... see more


      Fat faceted acorn drop Quartz ... see more  


      Vertical rondell Quartz ... see more



    Gabrielle has long created a stunning variety of jeweled pieces, but her most popular...

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  • Only on Tuesday August 12, 2014


      Sleeping beauty nugget necklace ... see more


      Sleeping beauty Turquoise and Amethyst teardrop earrings ... see more


      Inlaid Sleeping beauty flyer earrings ... see more



    Enchanting Turquoise

    Last week, I tempted you with beautiful Persian turquoise that wasn't yet made into jewelry. This week I redeem myself and offer you these very, very special pieces, made from the rare and treasured Sleeping Beauty...

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  • Gabrielle Sanchez featured in Martha Stewart Weddings

    Gabrielle Sanchez Jewelry featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Summer 2014

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  • Only on Tuesday July 29, 2014


         Faceted Quartz nugget fringe earrings ... see more


         Citrine drop earrings ... see more



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  • Young beauty in White Pearl Flyer earrings


    Beautiful Anike wore her mother's GS South Sea pearl flyer earrings for her high school graduation three years ago.  Now she is about to get a pair of her own as a surprise for her 20th birthday.  

    Isn't she just stunning? Vermeer:

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  • Only on Tuesday July 22, 2014



        11.4mm - 11.6mm South sea white pearls for flyers  ... read more 


         12.3 mm - 12.8 mm South sea white pearls for flyers  ... read more 


        12.4mm - 12.9mm South sea white pearls for flyers  ... read more 


        12.5mm - 12.9mm South sea white pearls for flyers  ... read more

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  • Only on Tuesday July 15th, 2014



        1 strand 64" freshwater pearls claspless  ... read more 


         Kasumiga pearl earrings double seed  ... read more 


    Summer Delights
    Bermuda's pink sand beaches, flowering beach plum bushes, a martini glass filled with fresh shrimp ceviche, cotton candy at the amusement park, an ice-cold cosmopolitan to savor at sunset as the sky fills with color. There's no doubt that summer is the pink season. 
    Partake of Gabrielle's innate sense of color and flow in...

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  • Only on Tuesday July 8th, 2014




        Five pairs of pinkiest pearls for cap & cone earrings  ... read more 


         Peachy pearl & rutilated quartz bracelet ... read more 


    The Pearliest Pinks
    This week, a fantastically special opportunity to have Gabrielle, "the mother of pearls," make you a timeless, elegant pair of earrings, from pearls you choose yourself. "One winter in Tucson at the gem show, my all-time...

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  • Only on Tuesday July 1



        Make me a pair of teardrop watermelon colored tourmaline earrings  ... read more 


         Make me a chiclet shaped chrysoprase bracelet ... read more 


       gone are the days when blue chalcedony was easily found in this periwinkle shade ... read more 





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  • Only on Tuesday June 24th


     UPDATE: June 24th Tuesday Off the Bench is finished.  




    #1 GSIVN46  Click here ...
    3-4mm faceted deep aqua with 17,6 x 12mm pistachio Tahitian center pearl with 
    signature 18k baby come hook & eye closure. $950.


    #2 GSMltPurpAp Click here ...
    46" Assorted purple, pink and white freshwater pearls interspersed with smooth round coral and apatite along with faceted citrine beads, knotted and delicately...

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  • Off the Bench Tuesday Specials


    Gabrielle's beautiful studio is filled with elegance and inspiration: a delicate china teacup with a lustered finish, a perfect (and abandoned) hornet's nest still attached to a mighty oak branch, and her beloved vintage jeweler's bench, scarred and worn from decades of use, even before it came into her hands. Light pours in from the huge windows, but even the view of the storied Hudson River outside can't compete with the sparkle of little dishes filled with gold castings, or an Italian plate holding a handful of South Sea pearls waiting...

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  • Girl with a Pearl Earring

    Sofia B. traveled to come to the studio sale last week. She found the pearls she was looking for.  Today, she sent Gabrielle an e-mail: "... I feel like Vermeer's 'Girl With The Pearl Earring... ".

    What a wonderful feeling.  

    To beauty ... Everyday ...

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  • What should I make today?

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  • Video of Studio Sale Holiday 2013

    Here is a shaky video of the racks at this year's December sale for those who could not come.  
    If you see anything you like, note the min:sec in the video and contact us.

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  • To Beauty, Every Day

    Perhaps one of the greatest pleasures of my work, is when a woman finds a piece of jewelry that speaks to her on a deeper level. And the greatest reward is when she takes the time to write me about it.

    Lucky me, I got a letter from a customer, Nicole Rubio, thanking me.  She allowed me to share a bit of her letter here: 

     “I just unpacked the earrings and they exceeded my expectations.  
  • Gabrielle at

    Gabrielle's exclusive line for Rodale's has just launched.  Watch video and read the article.


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  • Spring Studio Sale 2013 over- 17 years running

    It used to be "all about the pearls" and honestly, now it's "all about the women". Personalities so individual....each as lustrous and captivating as the next. Open studio days bring joy, and inspiration. Thanks to all of you who showed up for me and "our" pearls.



    Tulkie is happy the madness is over. (Hard to believe he is 108 lbs.)

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  • A Pearl Necklace for a Mansion on 5th Avenue

    What some people do for love ... and pearls:

    Selling a NYC Mansion for a Pearl Necklace, 1917

    Posted: 15 Apr 2013 09:00 PM PDT

    Isabella reporting,

    It's hard to imagine selling a Fifth Avenue mansion for a pearl necklace - but that's exactly the deal that was made between an indulgent millionaire and a savvy jeweler in early 20th c. New York City, and with both parties thoroughly satisfied with the transaction, too.

    Morton F. Plant (1852-1918) was the millionaire, a railroad tycoon, real estate...

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  • You are more beautiful than you imagine

     I love how this video celebrates every woman's innate beauty. Please watch it and know that this is true for you -- and all of us. And share it!

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  • Welcome to My Website

    After years of presenting my work through retail venues, I am delighted to be able to bring my work directly to you through my website.

    I am inspired to celebrate the unique beauty I've seen in each of you. How you wear, appreciate and incorporate my jewelry into your everyday life. I have heard more than one woman tell me, “but you don’t understand …… I wear these earrings everyday”.  Each and every one of you has helped shape my understanding of this simple truth:  my ability to continue creating comes from this mystery and beauty each of you...

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