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  • Only on Tuesday February 9, 2016



    Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday just for lovers…. The sweetest relationship we may ever know as women is the love we have for our daughters, and that we learn from our mothers. And what better sentiment to celebrate on Valentine’s Day?

    Here's a selection of divine pieces of perfection to honor these women and girls in our lives.

    To beauty — and to love! — every day, 


     Garnet Ring  Product page ...
  • Only on Tuesday February 2, 2016


    It's a colorful world!

    When your parents are painters—as mine were—it's only natural that you see the world as awash with colorful hues and textured brush strokes. And that deep connection to color is expressed in my jewelry as it was expressed in their paintings.

    My mom, Agnes Sanchez, blended color on her canvases to reflect her ‘mind's eye’ landscapes, giving the viewer a taste of her dreamy imagination—which I am sharing with you here as the literal background to my work (as surely as it is a figurative background that shaped my work).  My dad also...

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  • Only on Tuesday January 26, 2016


    Stormy doesn't always mean cold.  In a gorgeous rebuttal to blizzard Jonas, these outrageously luminous storm-colored Tahitian pearl necklaces exude warmth and fire with their nonpareil luster. Wrap your neck in one of these breathtaking strands, and then wind around that cashmere scarf. The most luxurious kind of glowing fire will soothe and delight you.

    16-16.5" necklace clasped with class small foliage hook & eye or a signature large cone hook & eye. (small cone hook & eye also available)....

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  • Only on Tuesday February 10, 2015

     Electric pearl stud earring ... Product page

     Aria's "passion pink"  earring ... Product page

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  • Only on Tuesday February 3, 2015


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    It would be impossible to endure the long, dark month of February without the moment Of Love smack dab in the middle of it!

    This week, we in the Northeast were covered in snow drifts, and winter's magic is starting to lose some of its shimmer.

    Fortunately, there's the sweet distraction of Valentine's Day. Think of your sweet loVe and bedeck her with a bit of garnet beauty, a flash of wine-red color perhaps...

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  • Only On Tuesday January 20, 2015


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    The Glint of the Night Sky

    Slowly, we can see that the light is coming back to us, as at last here we aren't in a total blackout by 5:30pm any longer. But even though I love the return of longer days, the winter night sky has many beguiling charms.

    That's what I think of when I make this necklace: these wildly iridescent midnight black pearls capture...

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  • Only on Tuesday January 13, 2015


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     Mexican Opal banana setting ... Product page

     Mexican Opal flyer ... Product page

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  • Only on Tuesday January 6, 2015


    New Year, New Moon(stone)

    Welcome to 2015!  And best wishes to you and yours.

    For our first 2015 Tuesday Off the Bench sale, I reached immediately for moonstones, as it seems a befitting way to start the new year. The stone's beguiling luster and sparkle, which the Romans believed was "solidified rays of the Moon", calling to me, just as we are all taking a moment...

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  • Studio Sale Pieces


    Open studio days December 2014 


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  • Only on Tuesday December 16, 2014

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    Elves at Work ... putting the finishing touches on this year's holiday studio specials!
    Sale starts this Thursday at Noon at Gabrielle's Union Square studio.

    Items from studio sale will become available online starting Saturday afternoon.
    Meanwhile, Shop website items now at 15 per cent off until Christmas eve at 6 pm.
    (use promotion code: MMXIV)

    --To beauty, every day ...


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  • Only On Tuesday December 9th, 2014

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    Annual Holiday Sale

    Thursday December 18th & Friday December 19th   12 - 7pm

     Saturday, December 20th  12 -4pm

    32 Union Square East, Suite 918

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  • Only on Tuesday December 2, 2014

    The Brightest Lights

    I have long said that the pearl is my favorite of nature's miracles, because of the unmatched glow of its nacre, its "pearlescence." And though Black Tahitian pearls are often thought of as my trademark, I equally adore the fresh, crisp statement that only white pearls can make.

    My favorite way to let pearls speak? In long, elegant strands, to be worn loose or looped around the neck. Here, a luxurious 64-inch strand made of up white, irregular-shaped freshwater pearls perfectly...

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  • Only on Tuesday November 25, 2014


    Brand-New Flyers: Fresh New Facets!

    Today, we are so pleased to debut a fresh, new version of Gabrielle's signature earring, the flyer. The design twist? The stones feature concave facets, which curve inward (as opposed to the traditional flat facet), all the better to capture and refract the light of these semi-precious gemstones and catch your eye with their enhanced sparkle.

    Choose from six glorious colors and stones: clear Quartz, rose Quartz, lilac Quartz, Oro Verdi , green Amethyst or cognac Quartz. All stones are 13mm...

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  • Only on Tuesday October 28th, 2014

      White South Sea Kathleen Turners ... Read more

    Handmade History

    Creamy-white, drop-shaped pearls—both South Sea and Tahitian—comprise a considerable portion of my pearl collections.

    But there is one pair of all my beloved babies I may treasure the most: these perfectly egg-shaped pearls, topped with my petal cap. I actually handmade the model for this piece: back in the day, the petal cap setting came back from the caster unfinished at the top, so each piece was individually filed and smoothed to a point, and the jump ring soldered on, to attach to the earwire.

    This pair is truly...

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  • Only on Tuesday October 21, 2014


    Sweetie Tuesday:

    "My home studio is so many things to me: workplace, archive, home base and inspiration. But I'll admit that it's also a bit of a distraction-the loveliest kind of distraction, as I can disappear into a rabbit hole on the search for one kind of stone, then suddenly I'm rifling through cellophane and organza bags, filled with different odds and ends from past pieces, or better still, a full strand of as-yet-unused stones. Suddenly...

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  • Only on Tuesday October 14, 2014



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    In life, the greatest luxury is clarity of vision, and today I am so pleased to introduce you to a woman in possession of just this gift: retailer and style maven extraordinaire Jill Heller.

    I've had the immense pleasure of working with Jill over the years, who has exquisite taste. And I am so excited to witness her transformation from 'talented style maven'— bringing us, her clients, the most beautiful, luxurious clothing—to 'visionary sustainable-fashion maven,'...

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  • Only on Tuesday October 7, 2014


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      Citrine rectangle flyers ... Read more


      Labradorite rectangle flyers ... Read more



     Treasure Hunt

    Gabrielle's studio is bursting with shiny delights, which pull her eye and draw her into new work, new designs. Witness the tray below, filled with pearls, gemstones and treasures to be made-as well as two pair of uniquely stunning faceted-rectangle signature flyers, with the 18-karat petal flyer setting.

    Can you spot...

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  • Only on Tuesday September 30, 2014

     Grey September Days

    Summer is finishing its heated exit, leaving behind glorious color and damp, cool mornings here on the East Coast. Today, the sultry sky and the Hudson river are meeting in the middle in bands of fall's first greys, a sure sign that we should begin our nesting for the winter as we head into the rich holiday season.

    Moody, lovely grey to Gabrielle always means her most treasured pearl: the Black Tahitian, rich and luxurious as Beluga caviar.

    And so today she is...

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  • Only On Tuesday September 23, 2014


      Solid gold baby M&M earrings ... Read more


      Gold nailhead earrings ... Read more


    Golden Oldies

    The lure of the new is ever-appealing, but sometimes objects that have the patina of time just look a little more right, a little more authentic. Such is the case with these little gleaming gems—gems in the keepsake way, as opposed to precious stones—from Gabrielle's early days.

    Small, precious gold earrings alight on the lobe, creating just a flash of movement and shine, and hearken back to the early...

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  • Only on Tuesday September 16, 2014


     17" Grey Keshi strands ... Read more


       17" Baby black Keshi strands ... Read more

    Nature's Shining Leftovers

    Gabrielle's philosophy about nature and beauty is perfectly captured in this week's featured item: keshi pearls, which Gabrielle calls "miracle pearls." Keshi pearls are the by-product of culturing pearls, small bits of pure nacre that are found tucked away within the oyster after the main prize—the culture pearl—has been retrieved.

    "I have been collecting these keshi strands...

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  • Only on Tuesday September 9, 2014


     Labradorite strand with black Tahitian Pearl ... Read more 


    Black Beauty

    No pearl is more mysterious and divine than the Tahitian black pearl, and this week we offer a single piece that features one of these intriguing beauties. Gabrielle surrounded this precious pearl with the only stone that can compete with its iridescence: labradorite. Labradorite is the dark sister to rainbow moonstone, flashing a labradorescence that is in turns blue, silver, gold, evoking a mysterious mood and a most elegant beauty.

    The two partnered side by side flash light between themselves continually....

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  • Only on Tuesday Sepember 2nd, 2014


      Triple strand 16" necklace with Topaz studded clover Mother of Pearls ... Read more


    The "Mother" of All Pearls

    I came upon these clover-like slices of mother of pearl one day when I was shopping for pearls. They grabbed my attention -- as lustrous beauty always does -- even though the material is a step away from the actual pearl. But nonetheless, mother of pearl deserves its own appreciation, coming, as it does, from the birthplace of all...

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  • Only on Tuesday August 26th, 2014

     Five strand assorted freshwater pearl necklace ... Read more

      32" White freshwater Keshi pearl necklace ... Read more

    The Classics

    Every woman needs a long strand of pearls in her wardrobe, a classic piece that works just as well with a t-shirt and jeans as it does with that little black dress. Here, two of Gabrielle's stunning riffs...

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  • Only on Tuesday ... August 19, 2014


      Faceted oval rutilated Quartz ... see more


      Smooth oval Oro Verdi Quartz ... see more


      Fat faceted acorn drop Quartz ... see more  


      Vertical rondell Quartz ... see more



    Gabrielle has long created a stunning variety of jeweled pieces, but her most popular...

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  • Only on Tuesday August 12, 2014


      Sleeping beauty nugget necklace ... see more


      Sleeping beauty Turquoise and Amethyst teardrop earrings ... see more


      Inlaid Sleeping beauty flyer earrings ... see more



    Enchanting Turquoise

    Last week, I tempted you with beautiful Persian turquoise that wasn't yet made into jewelry. This week I redeem myself and offer you these very, very special pieces, made from the rare and treasured Sleeping Beauty...

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  • Gabrielle Sanchez featured in Martha Stewart Weddings

    Gabrielle Sanchez Jewelry featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Summer 2014

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  • Only on Tuesday August 5th, 2014

    "Today we are celebrating my daughter's birthday and enjoying summer together as a family, on the beach in Rhode Island, sand between our toes, wind in our hair, the ocean unfurling in front of us in all its turquoise mystery. So no sale from the bench today -- just an inspiration from the beach, of some truly stunning gems that capture that breathless expansion we feel when we see an ocean stretching miles and miles ahead of us: the rarest and most special of turquoise, the Persian.

    I bought these from a man in his mid-seventies...

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  • Only on Tuesday July 29, 2014


         Faceted Quartz nugget fringe earrings ... see more


         Citrine drop earrings ... see more



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  • Young beauty in White Pearl Flyer earrings


    Beautiful Anike wore her mother's GS South Sea pearl flyer earrings for her high school graduation three years ago.  Now she is about to get a pair of her own as a surprise for her 20th birthday.  

    Isn't she just stunning? Vermeer:

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  • Only on Tuesday July 22, 2014



        11.4mm - 11.6mm South sea white pearls for flyers  ... read more 


         12.3 mm - 12.8 mm South sea white pearls for flyers  ... read more 


        12.4mm - 12.9mm South sea white pearls for flyers  ... read more 


        12.5mm - 12.9mm South sea white pearls for flyers  ...  Read More