Only on Tuesday June 24th


 UPDATE: June 24th Tuesday Off the Bench is finished.  




#1 GSIVN46  Click here ...
3-4mm faceted deep aqua with 17,6 x 12mm pistachio Tahitian center pearl with 
signature 18k baby come hook & eye closure. $950.


#2 GSMltPurpAp Click here ...
46" Assorted purple, pink and white freshwater pearls interspersed with smooth round coral and apatite along with faceted citrine beads, knotted and delicately strung into a luxuriously long every day everywhere necklace. 


#3 MltPkAsst Click here ...

46" Multi pale tiny pink, white and purple freshwater pearls blended equally with assorted faceted and smooth tourmalines, citrines, and corals. Delicately strung and knotted between each and every orb. Wind this strand of beauty around your neck any day and wear it any where. $510.