A Woman's Beauty

Photo by Dmitri Kasterine
We have all met her: that woman with an ineffable glow and presence who turns heads, elegant and striking both, seemingly at peace with herself and the world around her.

That is a woman who knows and owns her beauty, gently. This is a woman who wears Gabrielle Sanchez jewelry.

"For every woman, there is just the right pearl waiting to illuminate her: a certain luster, shape, and design that will accent a woman’s own natural style and presence. When you find the right pearls, they become a part of you,” says Gabrielle.

“Pearls are these incredible creations of nature, breathtaking in their endless variety, each one an original—as are women! And for me, making that match, finding the just-right piece of pearl jewelry for each woman who wears my designs, is the true joy of my metier."

Gabrielle Sanchez designs capture the exuberant creativity of all of nature, not just pearls. Her hand-crafted settings are each a paean to the endless beauty that is all around us, every day: twigs and petals, beaks and vines, seeds and pods and beyond. And she treasures all the gemstones the earth can create, featuring the long-loved classics as well as rare grossular garnets and larimar from a single mine halfway around the world.

Find your inspiration, allow yourself to give over to awe and wonder. Choose the piece of jewelry—or let Gabrielle assist you—that will heighten your own singular nature and beauty.

“I think of my work as a gift from me to the woman who will wear my design. I see a stone and am instantly inspired by its unique beauty. I know each woman who wears my work is an original, too, with a glow all her own.”

Gabrielle Sanchez

To beauty, every day 

Gabrielle Sanchez 1992:"Pearls are in the Air"