Off the Bench Tuesday Specials


Gabrielle's beautiful studio is filled with elegance and inspiration: a delicate china teacup with a lustered finish, a perfect (and abandoned) hornet's nest still attached to a mighty oak branch, and her beloved vintage jeweler's bench, scarred and worn from decades of use, even before it came into her hands. Light pours in from the huge windows, but even the view of the storied Hudson River outside can't compete with the sparkle of little dishes filled with gold castings, or an Italian plate holding a handful of South Sea pearls waiting to be mated in pairs for her signature Flyers.

Everywhere you look, there's beauty. And also history, and whimsy, and creativity, whether a rare pair of vintage earrings from a retired line or swirls of pearls on unique, one-of-a-kind necklaces that have yet to make it to formal retail distribution. There are so many beautiful surprises. And that's why we've decided to start weekly sales Off the Bench every Tuesday: limited-time offerings for a few limited-edition, rare, unique or unusual pieces. Or sometimes a special discount on a classic, or perhaps an incredible opportunity to customize your own piece, before it's even made. (You won't want to miss that Tuesday, for sure.)

Benefit from Gabrielle's incredible eye, and her rich history, and check in every Tuesday to see what's on offer Off the Bench.