Only on Tuesday July 8th, 2014




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The Pearliest Pinks
This week, a fantastically special opportunity to have Gabrielle, "the mother of pearls," make you a timeless, elegant pair of earrings, from pearls you choose yourself. "One winter in Tucson at the gem show, my all-time favorite business trip, I came upon a vendor who had a few cards of paired pink freshwater pearls," says Gabrielle. "Usually, I prefer to sort and pair the pearls myself—it's my joy—but these I couldn't pass up. Pure pink perfection, waiting to be turned into a confection... They inspire me whenever I come across them in the studio, and I thought that perhaps you would enjoy seeing them in their 'undone' state as much as I have." 
So seize the moment, and choose the pearls that capture your eye or heart. Will it be the blushest rose? Or the pair that has the cast of sunset and candlelight? All will be made with the TKTKT earwire, in your choice of white gold or gold—though know that Gabrielle thinks all pearls look their best dressed up in purest gold, the better to reflect their breathtaking inner shine.
Gabrielle's pearl earrings are her highest-demand item. Claim a pair for yourself and wear them to honor beauty, every day.