Only on Tuesday July 15th, 2014



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Summer Delights
Bermuda's pink sand beaches, flowering beach plum bushes, a martini glass filled with fresh shrimp ceviche, cotton candy at the amusement park, an ice-cold cosmopolitan to savor at sunset as the sky fills with color. There's no doubt that summer is the pink season. 
Partake of Gabrielle's innate sense of color and flow in wearing  this beautiful, luxuriously long pearl necklace made up with shades of this summer hue, and wear it tossed loosely over a flowing, bohemian summer dress for a party on the patio. Or wrap it up once, twice to make the perfect frame for your face those days you still find yourself having to dress for work.... but the pearls will remind you that summer's pink is right outside the door, waiting to welcome you back into its lovely embrace.