Only on Tuesday July 22, 2014



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    12.4mm - 12.9mm South sea white pearls for flyers  ... read more 


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For today's Off the Bench Tuesday sale, we hear Gabrielle in her own words: "It's all about the pearls today! Pearls have always been my passion, and I never tire of them. Apparently my lovely clients don't, either, as we are forever trying to keep in stock of precious pink, creamy white, golden champagne pearls in the studio. So today I thought I would share with you one of my most secret joys: the day of the pearl delivery to my studio bench. 
There is nothing like receiving the express mail package, and knowing what lustrous beauty lies within. I carry the treasure to my studio, and pull off the tab right away, so I can dive in: Thick, zippered bags, bursting with pearls. An embarrassment of riches. Such incredible beauty and shine that even the plastic bags can't lessen their gorgeousness. Each separate bag is a different 'lot,' making groups of pearls that are the same size, or color. A pink memo accompanies it all, lined with vendor codes and inventory markings, letters and numbers that catalog the richness I hold in my hand.
I dive into a fresh batch, first running my fingers through the pearls in the bag, feeling their coolness and hefty weight, my mind spinning with ideas of what to make next. Then I spread them into a big, flat bowl, a feast for the eyes and the hands, their soft luminosity feeling like a physical sensation, as if light were entering my hands. This is why I love pearls: that gentle luminescence they throw on any woman's face, the light they put in her eyes. Irresistible. You can see why I have made pearls my life's work.
I can't hold back: My trade clicks into high gear. I start sorting and organizing these beauties by size and shape, placing them into my bead board, transported now past the pearly gates, if you will, into my daily rhythm. It's a sultry, meditative practice, finding the perfect mate for each pearl, each champagne bubble of light and shine. There is nothing I would rather do than while away the hours in this fine art of creating something permanent and lovely out of these miracles of nature.
So this is my Tuesday today. If only every day could be like this day. Thank you for sharing my joy!"
Dive in yourself, and buy your own pair of treasured Gabrielle Sanchez pearl flyers. Quick, before they fly out of her studio again. 
Special Off the Bench Tuesday pricing, today through Thursday! Give in to your own piece of beauty, every day.