Only on Tuesday Sepember 2nd, 2014


  Triple strand 16" necklace with Topaz studded clover Mother of Pearls ... Read more


The "Mother" of All Pearls

I came upon these clover-like slices of mother of pearl one day when I was shopping for pearls. They grabbed my attention -- as lustrous beauty always does -- even though the material is a step away from the actual pearl. But nonetheless, mother of pearl deserves its own appreciation, coming, as it does, from the birthplace of all pearls: the iridescent interiors of certain oysters (and other mollusks, as well).

I snatched up these special shapes, and played with various configurations until I assembled this, my favorite: the clover shapes are dotten with 18-karat bezel-set white topaz, adding another layer of sparkle to these pearly beauties, finished with an 18-karat textured wing hook & eye clasp.

Wear this necklace now and all winter, a way to remember shells strewn across summer's beaches -- and a reminder that some of nature's most beautiful wonders are hidden within.

--To beauty, every day ...