Only on Tuesday September 9, 2014


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Black Beauty

No pearl is more mysterious and divine than the Tahitian black pearl, and this week we offer a single piece that features one of these intriguing beauties. Gabrielle surrounded this precious pearl with the only stone that can compete with its iridescence: labradorite. Labradorite is the dark sister to rainbow moonstone, flashing a labradorescence that is in turns blue, silver, gold, evoking a mysterious mood and a most elegant beauty.

The two partnered side by side flash light between themselves continually. But if it were a competition? For Gabrielle, the Tahitian pearl always wins, hands-down. Fortunately, you don't have to decide, but merely bask in the glow these dark beauties will cast upon your neck and face, drawing admirers to comment on your uncommonly exquisite taste.

Single 18-inch strand of 9mm faceted rondel labradorite beads with center Black Tahitian pearl (17m x 13.5mm), finished with Gabrielle's signature 18-karat cone hook & eye.

Only one available. But if you're enraptured and the one is sold, please do make an inquiry.

--To beauty, every day ...