Only on Tuesday September 16, 2014


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Nature's Shining Leftovers

Gabrielle's philosophy about nature and beauty is perfectly captured in this week's featured item: keshi pearls, which Gabrielle calls "miracle pearls." Keshi pearls are the by-product of culturing pearls, small bits of pure nacre that are found tucked away within the oyster after the main prize—the culture pearl—has been retrieved.

"I have been collecting these keshi strands for years," says Gabrielle. "And as a purist I would probably do nothing more with these than string them with my classic 'small foliage' hook and eye and throw these around my neck, hoping that nature's magic would rub off on me."

However, since these strands have not yet been formally made, perhaps you have your own ideas about how you'd like to wear these marvelous accidents. Especially since they have as much iridescence -- if not more than -- the pearls alongside which they are created.

Let your creativity shine like these stunning keshi pearls.

--To beauty, every day ...