Only On Tuesday September 23, 2014


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Golden Oldies

The lure of the new is ever-appealing, but sometimes objects that have the patina of time just look a little more right, a little more authentic. Such is the case with these little gleaming gems—gems in the keepsake way, as opposed to precious stones—from Gabrielle's early days.

Small, precious gold earrings alight on the lobe, creating just a flash of movement and shine, and hearken back to the early '90s when all we wanted from jewelry was sophistication and an elegant reserve. Today, we want it all—but these earrings stand the test of time, and make a classic everyday addition to your look. Put them in and forget them, and know you'll always be perfectly bedecked in gleaming style.

Pink gold baby discs, dotted with a sparkling citrine; 18-karat with a classic smooth seed earwire. Eastern-style gold granulated beads hang from a nailhead setting; 18-karat with a simple handmade earwire.

Classic earrings that have forever style.

--To beauty, every day ...