Only on Tuesday September 30, 2014

 Grey September Days

Summer is finishing its heated exit, leaving behind glorious color and damp, cool mornings here on the East Coast. Today, the sultry sky and the Hudson river are meeting in the middle in bands of fall's first greys, a sure sign that we should begin our nesting for the winter as we head into the rich holiday season.

Moody, lovely grey to Gabrielle always means her most treasured pearl: the Black Tahitian, rich and luxurious as Beluga caviar.

And so today she is offering an array of her carefully chosen beauties at unbelievable prices, ready to be made into the always-perfect flyer: the earring that leaves a droplet of nature's most magical creations hanging from your ear, clasped in purest gold. White or yellow, your choice.

Treat yourself now, on these gorgeous, soothing fall days, so you'll have a beautiful piece of nature's calm to keep you centered through the busy holiday season.

--To beauty, every day ...



A. 11mm black aubergine ... Read more
B. 11.3-11.5mm olive brown ... Read more
C. 11.4-11.6mm coppery olive ... Read more
D. 11.6-11.7 dark brownish black ... Read more
E. 12.2-12.4mm coppery black ... Read more