Only on Tuesday October 7, 2014


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 Treasure Hunt

Gabrielle's studio is bursting with shiny delights, which pull her eye and draw her into new work, new designs. Witness the tray below, filled with pearls, gemstones and treasures to be made-as well as two pair of uniquely stunning faceted-rectangle signature flyers, with the 18-karat petal flyer setting.

Can you spot the architectural beauties, hiding among the bits of aquamarine, blue chalcedony, moonstone, phrenite, turquoise, black and pistachio Tahitian pearls, green amethyst and pearls of many other colors? It's easy to be distracted by this tray filled with such plenty.

But look, spot the darkly shimmering labradorites in the second row, their mysterious gray-green-blue hue attracts everyone's eye and captures many a lady's heart. These won't last for long on Gabrielle's bench, but they'll stay in your heart and in style forever.

And see, third row, the bright and gleaming citrine, flawless, like bottled sunlight.

Either -- or both!, why not? -- will charm your jewelry box... which may never be as full and gleaming as Gabrielle's. But why not try? It's for your pleasure.

--To beauty, every day ...