Only on Tuesday October 21, 2014


Sweetie Tuesday:

"My home studio is so many things to me: workplace, archive, home base and inspiration. But I'll admit that it's also a bit of a distraction-the loveliest kind of distraction, as I can disappear into a rabbit hole on the search for one kind of stone, then suddenly I'm rifling through cellophane and organza bags, filled with different odds and ends from past pieces, or better still, a full strand of as-yet-unused stones. Suddenly my mind is off and wandering, dreaming up new work, or taking a little stroll down memory lane.

That's what I have for you this week, a sweet little memory- found, of course, while I was looking for something else. I made these precious earrings by the dozen years ago, in an lush array of combinations of colored stones and pearls, always accented by the trademark surrounding "fringe" of tiny seed pearls or miniscule gems. The construction on these is a bit complicated, but my jewelers mastered it and then made them in batches-and, of course, Barneys New York was selling them in batches as well!

Today I am offering these sweeties on 14-karat handmade ear wires (and all the wire used is 14-karat as well). I could make these earrings all day long-especially given the sparkling warehouse of gems in my home studio that I have collected over the years of my designing career. Sweet little luxuries. In fact, I think I'm going to start calling these my Sweeties!

These earrings are perfect as we start entering gift-giving season, a thoughtful and special gift for a daughter or niece, the loyal assistant or a dear friend you'd like to thank. Spice up the Sweeties with the birthstone of the person for whom the gift is meant-a special way to introduce them to the magic of Gabrielle Sanchez Designs."

--To beauty, every day ...


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