Only on Tuesday October 28th, 2014

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Handmade History

Creamy-white, drop-shaped pearls—both South Sea and Tahitian—comprise a considerable portion of my pearl collections.

But there is one pair of all my beloved babies I may treasure the most: these perfectly egg-shaped pearls, topped with my petal cap. I actually handmade the model for this piece: back in the day, the petal cap setting came back from the caster unfinished at the top, so each piece was individually filed and smoothed to a point, and the jump ring soldered on, to attach to the earwire.

This pair is truly one of a kind. The pearls are large, lustrous and rich, 15.8mm x11.9mm, with some natural markings on the back.

A classically elegant piece from a time in my business when only I drilled the pearls—and when Kathleen Turner, much to my delight, graced the pages of Vanity Fair wearing this earring. Her beauty and the earrings' simple grace complementing each other perfectly.

One of a kind, handmade pearl-drop earrings with 18-karat petal setting: $2,275.
Wearing a piece of Gabrielle Sanchez Designs history: $priceless.

--To beauty, every day ...