Only On Tuesday January 20, 2015


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The Glint of the Night Sky

Slowly, we can see that the light is coming back to us, as at last here we aren't in a total blackout by 5:30pm any longer. But even though I love the return of longer days, the winter night sky has many beguiling charms.

That's what I think of when I make this necklace: these wildly iridescent midnight black pearls capture a sense of moon- and starlight, and the interspersed faceted tourmalines spark delicately in the light. The total effect of the strand makes me think of my view on these commuting-in-the-dark days: the long Tappan Zee bridge, stretch across a wide swath of the Hudson river, twinkling with lights in the inky black sky.

Try these 72 inches of shadow and shine around your neck, worn long, or looped once, even twice. You'll find that hands keep reaching up to cradle the pearls, these gorgeous glints of moonlight.

Necklace can be customized upon request.

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