Only on Tuesday February 16

 Your Pearly Just-Rights

I’ve always said that the incredible glow of a pearl’s nacre matches the glow within the woman who wears it. And one of the great joys of my work is getting to match pearls to each client’s individual beauty and taste. Because nothing sets off a woman’s face better than a pair of perfect pearls.

So this week, I offer you the greatest classics from my collection, all white pearls, but each pair different, to suit the glow within you.

From left,
Dangling pearl drops clasped by a crown of 18-karat petals.
Classic 18-karat gold flyers.
Gorgeous pearl gumballs, set off by 18-karat gold dotted with the shimmer of diamonds.
And the classic flyer, but this time in 18-karat white gold.

There are also as-yet-unset pearls below for you to consider. Imagine the setting of your dreams, and wear them forever.

To beauty — every day, 


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