Only on Tuesday February 23

 Labradorite! It's as if the moon's glow was somehow magically captured beneath the earth's surface, flashing blue light from the depths, asking to be unearthed.

Labradorite, a semi-precious stone is found in Labrador, Canada. It can display an iridescent optical effect (or schiller) known as Labradorescence. This play of colors (blue, green, yellow, and pink) is what makes this stone so unique.

When Labradorite is paired with pearls, it compliments pearls natural luster; when paired with Aquamarine, it adds depth to Aqua's watery blue translucency.

These double strand necklaces, each with a one-of-a-kind center pendant are carefully constructed with Gabrielle's 18k signature settings and were made for pairing with your favorite outfits, to wear everyday, everywhere!

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