My “Chequered" Past

My “Chequered" Past

From time to time I wander through my design archives-- castings, sketches, style books--for inspiration and a dash of sweet nostalgia. (I feel as young as I ever did, but the quantity of binders carrying my previous work attests otherwise!)

One of my recent rediscoveries was this design: double-sided, faceted (i.e. chequered - the British spelling being so much more glamorous) teardrop gemstones, suspended within a handmade twig-textured frame, held by petal prongs. I found a few gorgeous pastel gemstones of lilac quartz, green amethyst and blue topaz which I had originally cut to nestle into the twig frames.  And, the frame will be suspended from my classic signature single-seed earwire.

I thought to fully assemble these treats for the photograph, but this bowl of them was too yummy.... and I also thought, well, maybe one of you would want to choose a mixed pair! The lilac and green would be lovely together. As would the topaz and amethyst. Or, really, any combination would do. Message us if you’d like to create your own custom pair.

Here’s to the beautiful pasts each of us carry-and to an ever-lovely present!

To beauty, every day