Only in Sun Valley Idaho

My Own Private Idaho

Today I’m boarding an airplane with my daughter to go visit a precious piece of my past: Sun Valley, Idaho. For many years, I exhibited at the Sun Valley Arts Festival, starting as far back as 1989.

That first year, we weren’t quite prepared for the weather: mountain rain and then balls of hail came down upon our silky, billowing tent. My friend, Dina (who was six months pregnant), Brooke Shields and I did our best to keep business as usual, trying on pearl earrings while some lovely gentlemen came and shored us up with proper roof tops.

Fast forward many years and many pearls later to today, when my friend Dina has invited me to do a trunk show at her well-known, finely curated eclectic lifestyle store, Madeline + Oliver, located in downtown Ketchum, the heart of Sun Valley. It will be wonderful to reconnect with old clients, spend time with my dear friend, Dina, and enjoying her stunning space—as we once again play with pearls.

My own precious pearl, Aria, will be a wonderful addition to the memories. Then after the show, she and I will head off on a camping trip at Red Fish Lake, to make some of our own Idaho memories, together!

If you’re in Ketchum, please stop by to say hello!!!

To beauty ... Everyday