Only on Election Day Tuesday November 8, 2016

This has been a strange election year, to be sure, but it is always an opportunity, at the very least, to teach our children about the specialness of our civic responsibility, and to be sure we all use our voices.

So, today, I asked my daughter, Aria, a budding, growing and wonderfully opinionated 8th grader to write up the copy for our special Election-Day Tuesday.

“Today is a special day. We've been waiting for this day for over a year. Not just so we can make our votes count, but so we can finally get this election OVER WITH. It has been painful watching these candidates go at it, but now it will finally come to a close. We still can't be sure who will win today. Whether you are a democrat, independent or republican, we are all united- and we need some jewelry to help us calm down and relieve us of this stress. Does a strand of white pearl necklace sound nice to you? Or, I know! How about a pair of white pearl Flyer earrings? Perfect? I thought so."

Here’s hoping we don’t see another election season like this for a while.

Another thing you won’t see for awhile are these special prices on such gorgeous, large freshwater pearls.

Because there is no better way to stand for beauty every day.

I’m Gabrielle Sanchez, and I approve this message. 

14mm white pearl 18K Flyer earrings $1,375! (click to order)

 12-15mm white pearl necklace 18K hook&eye $2,200!