Only on Tuesday February 28, 2017

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New Beauty

Spring is almost set to, well, spring in our beautiful Hudson Valley. Snowmelt in the last week has exposed the earth and the first snowdrops and crocus are putting forth their beauty to tease us toward the new season.

We are doing our own beautification to greet the season at, kicking off an update of our website as well as introducing fresh, new designs to set your pulse aflutter.

Our plan is to make shopping for our trademark looks even easier—and to be able to fulfill those moments you long for instant gratification. In other words, we will be bringing back the freshwater-pearl Minis and M&Ms I have long been known for, as well as Japanese baroque pearl classics. Shortly thereafter, we will unveil our bridal section, with jewelry not just for the woman walking down the aisle, but her attendants and the mothers, of course. And we are working on a selection of pieces that will be already made and ready to ship at a click. Need some new sparkle for an event coming up? Soon we’ll able to send off a precious package to you immediately after your order.

Such exciting times for new growth and new ideas! And of course, I am always happy and honored to work with my clients to make custom pieces to fulfill their own beautiful visions.

And speaking of classics…. there is no Gabrielle Sanchez look more classic than the Pearl Flyer. So for today’s Tuesday sale, we are offering a gorgeous array of colored south sea pearls, for your perusal and purchase.

Should you find a friend to indulge along with you, the second pair will be fifty percent off. Now that’s friendship!

And… who knows — maybe that friend is you! After all, we women are meant to be best friends to ourselves, aren’t we?

Here’s to the blooms that are waiting beneath the surface, whether in the soil—or within ourselves.

To beauty, every day,

A. 11.2mm pale grey, violet overtone off round 18k flyer earrings $1800.

B. 11.7mm round pistachio, 18k flyer earrings $1925

C.12.7mm round black Tahitian w. purple sapphire princess cut 18k flyer setting $2675.

D.10 x 12mm squatty white south sea 18k beak flyer $1390.

E. 13.4mm spectacular round white 18k pear shaped diamond south sea pearl flyer $5200.

F. 13.6mm round pure grey, pink overtone Tahitian, 18k white gold pearl flyer earrings $2800.

G. 12.9mm round perfect pale grey green Tahitian, 18k pearl flyer earrings $2745.

H. 12.5mm black Tahitian with olive undertones, 18k pearl flyer earrings $1900.

I. 11.8mm perfectly round white South Sea, 18k pearl flyer earrings $2545.

J. 12.4mm round taupe – green Tahitian, 18k pearl flyer earrings $1995.

K. 10 x 12mm squatty white south sea 18k beak flyer $1390