Only on Tuesday July 12th

Having a Ball,

For me, design is often born out of a natural inspiration: some shape or color in the world that captures my imagination. But occasionally I see an idea in my jeweler’s world that sparks something even better.

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That’s what led to these magnificent, intricately constructed diamond-and-gold ball flyers. I came across the bezel-set diamonds, and immediately wanted to see that beguiling flash in a pair of my classic earrings. The diamond globes are wonderfully tactile, and feel woven, even though they are comprised of hand-constructed bezels, which are then soldered together, one by one, to create the ball.

Globes of fiery sparkle, reminiscent of a disco ball, shooting shards of magical fractured light everywhere. Including flashing their undeniable light across your face and neck, making YOU the belle of the ball.

To beauty ... Everyday