Only on Tuesday July 19, 2016

As a second time visitor to the Big Island of Hawaii, I am still in awe of the flora and fauna that propagates this Island. The Hawaiian lei is typically made of the Plumeria's fragrant blooms.  The bi -colored cascading heliconia, oleander, red ginger, and plethora of orchid varieties follow in succession overwhelming my senses.
It was by chance, on a walk with my daughter this morning that I caught glimpses of nature's dried pods scattered along Painted Church Road where we are staying on a coffee-papaya-avocado farm, the most unique of which is the long canoe 'African Tulip' seed pod which I chose to cup these beige, silvery green south sea pearl and purple sapphire earrings.  To my amazement this pod still had its inner blanket intact, which covered and protected the swath of feathery seeds.  Nature never ceases to amaze and inspire me.
To beauty ... Everyday