Sweet as Candy


These sparkling jewels in their irresistible pastel colors remind me of the vintage sweets you used to be able to find on oceanside boardwalks here on the East Coast: confetti dots, powdery Necco wafers, turkish taffy and, of course, salt-water taffy gems all wrapped up in their wax-paper twists. One of my favorite childhood memories is riding the famous Cyclone wooden roller coaster on Coney Island (which still bumps along today), strapped into the front seat with my uncle Dick next to me. Those were the real Coney Island days: the magical, enchanting carousel, steeplechase and bumper cars. And then filling up on the airy sweet of cotton candy and Dixie Cups ice cream!

Choose your confection: will it be sparkling Swiss Blue topaz? Cool, green teardrops of refreshing phrenite? I have a personal preference for the specialness of the faceted pale-blue chalcedony: their hue is heavenly and translucent, glowing like sunlight on the water. . And stunning, milky blue-opal teardrops with white 18-karat gold Flyer findings look just like Jordan almonds, ready to be snapped up and popped in your mouth. Or maybe just popped on your ears to give you a smile every time you catch them in the mirror.
Indulge in these precious bonbons: they are a grown-up woman’s version of a candy treat, adding the same joy to your day that a box of JuJuBees did when you were a child—except they last forever!

To beauty, everyday!