White Freshwater M&M Pearl on Endless Hoops Earrings


Gabrielle's most famous and top-selling design, the coin-pearl earring, still looks as fresh and modern as it did when she introduced it 20 years ago. She had the eye to see what a formerly "throwaway" shape could be in the coin pearl?she found them delicious and anointed them "M&M" pearls?and sought out the most lustrous and perfect of them all to hang from dainty golden hoops. Available in many colors and sizes, the question isn't "Should you?" but rather, "Which ones?" and "How many?" Wear with jeans; wear to black-tie. Wear to work; wear to work at home. This earring is always right, and bright, and beautiful.

GS235White freshwater M&M pearl on 14k endless hoops

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